NEIPA?? What’s the deal? And how does this affect specific gravity?
NEIPA?? What’s the deal? And how does this affect specific gravity? Brady tells you how from #BattleoftheHomeBrewers with Harrisburg Beer Week — attending Battle of the Homebrewers 2019 at Broad Street Market.
Do You Make Harness and Store Energy?
Do you make, harness and store energy? Do you work with batteries? How do you know your batteries are working to their full capacity? Maintain your battery's State of Charge and avoid sulfation by taking accurate readings using professional grade hydrometers. Made in the USA.
Don’t Be That Guy
You guys (and girls)... don't be the one who drops their hydro the night before a race! Securely and safely store your equipment with one of our rack systems. Invest in this handy set up now and you'll be thanking us later.
Hydrometer Smash – Sound Up!!
Sound up. Have you ever dropped and smashed your hydrometer?
Accuracy & Precision – Do You Know The Difference?
Accuracy and precision, two terms we use every day. Bill explains the difference - and the importance of precision - in this episode of teaching Tuesday.
Mmmmmm Maple Syrup!
Hey Sugar Makers! You already know accurately measuring the density of finished maple syrup is an important task for syrup production. So are you using the right tool for this critical job? If your focus is on achieving the best possible quality maple syrup, year after year, it's critical you use professional hydrometers like ours. Handmade in the USA.
Anatomy of Our Hydrometer Syringe Set
Bill explains the parts of our Hydrometer Syringe Set. Most common mistake we hear is the whole unit being referred to as the hydrometer. Not the case, find out why in this teaching Tuesday.
Who’s Checking Your Fuel?
Who's checking your fuel? It should be you! With an accurate reading of the density of your fuel, you have the power to choose your supplier which can save you money. Who doesn't want that?! All of our products are proudly handmade in the USA.
Unboxing & Assembling of Our Model #1 Battery Syringe Set
Bill shows you how to assemble our Model #1 Battery Syringe Set.
Pro Grade Hydrometers for Pro Grade Results
Replicating your brew, wine or moonshine is paramount right? Do you know if you're getting accurate readings from the current tools you use? We guarantee accuracy! Put us to the test and we'll prove it to you. All of our hydrometers are handcrafted in the USA.