Custom Thermometers

We offer many different Fahrenheit and Celsius Thermometers.  Use them for homebrewing, battery testing, cheese making and more!

Our Storage Cases

The easiest way to decrease the life of your glass instruments is to break them.  Keep them safe, and keep them forever!!

Certification Services

All of our instruments are checked against National Standards that ensure their accuracy.  If you need an Instrument formally certified, documented, and can count on our Certification Department to meet your needs.

Beer, Wine and Moonshine

Our Full-Color, AMERICAN MADE, Lab Grade Brewing Instruments offer professional grade to everyone.

Automotive Fluid Testing

Batteries, Diesel, API, Race Fuel, Antifreeze, Bio-fuels, Methanol, Wind-sheild Washer, Gasoline and more!!  Its hard telling, not knowing!  Check your liquids to be sure you are getting the quality you deserve.

Laboratory Hydrometers

We have, literally, made thousands of various styles of Hydrometers and Thermometers over the years.  Let our engineers design and build some custom instruments to suit your needs.

Syrup Testing Equipment

It takes serious commitment to make your own Syrup.  Don't be let down by substandard instruments.  Accurate Instruments can increase your quality and your yield. 

Battery Instruments

Battery Instruments have played a huge role in shaping our company.  We have 4 generations of knowledgeable craftsman designing and building the BEST instruments in the industry.