Specific Gravity Hydrometer Set


  • SKU#3160 – .800-1.020 SP. GR. Hydrometer at 60°F
  • SKU#3260 – 1.000-1.220 SP. GR. Hydrometer at 60°F
  • SKU#3360 – 1.200-1.420 SP. GR. Hydrometer at 60°F
  • SKU#3460 – 1.400-1.620 SP. GR. Hydrometer at 60°F
  • SKU#3560 – 1.600-1.820 SP. GR. Hydrometer at 60°F
  • SKU#3660 – 1.800-2.000 SP. GR. Hydrometer at 60°F
  • 12” Pyrex Test Jar w/ Green Plastic Base & cleaning Brush
  • Deluxe Storage Case


This Professional Hydrometer Kit allows the user to measure and test their liquids with VERY precise Specific Gravity Readings.

This particular kit includes:

(6) Precision Hydrometers with overlapping specific gravity ranges.
These tools allow you to be very precise with your liquid testing.
This is a great way to ensure the exact same product over and over again.

(1) Pyrex Test Jar– with pour spout

(1) Custom Instrument Case– This case will store all 6 instruments safely!

Made proudly in the USA. These instruments are non-toxic with heavy walled glass, easy to read scales, and are N.I.S.T traceable! These are truly laboratory grade tools, at an affordable price. They come complete with an Instrument Case for years of reliability.

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