Specific Gravity Fuel Hydrometer Set


  • #710-60 11” Fuel Hydrometer at 60°F with Certificate of Conformance
  • 12” Pyrex Test Jar with Green Plastic Base and cleaning Brush
  • Deluxe Storage Case


Professional quality fuel hydrometer. This tool is a must have for anyone dealing with a wide variety of fuels, to identify the quality of your fuel and or detect contamination. Many folks spend thousands of dollars on modifications and upgrades to their vehicles, but never check something as simple as the fuel that powers it! Check your diesel fuel in your trucks, tractors and even your home heating oil! Gasoline, Alcohol, Methanol, Methyl Alcohol, Bio Fuels, Kerosene, Aviation, Ethyl Alcohol and Ethanol.

All Fuels have a specific gravity. Do some research regarding your fuel’s optimal specific gravity (best fuel mileage/power) and use this instrument to measure and monitor the quality!

Specific Gravity: .700 – 1.000 based at 60°F. (.05 specific gravity increments)

Included in this sale is a professional hydrometer, glass test jar, and storage case.

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Check out the pdf below for information on the use and care of your hydrometer(s):

Fuel Specific Gravity-2F079-77 WEB