Precision Brewing Hydrometer System


  • P1 Hydrometer with Certificate of Conformance
  • P2 Hydrometer with Certificate of Conformance
  • P3 Hydrometer with Certificate of Conformance
  • Brewing Thermometer with Certificate of Conformance
  • 12″ Pyrex Test Jar with cleaning Brush
  • T22 Wooden Hydrometer Storage/ Usage Rack
  • 12″ Pyrex Thief/Extractor


Over 15 years ago, Brady Instruments brought you the 3 Piece Professional Precision Hydrometer Kit. Since then, this kit has made its way into some of the most discerning brew labs and wineries around the world! With much communication with our customers and many hours of research and development, it was clear to us that we needed a way to protect our glass instruments. To solve this problem, we’ve designed this classically styled wooden safety rack that doubles as a convenient testing station! Using a hydrometer has never been so safe and easy. We then outfitted this rack with some finishing accessories to better your testing experience. This kit includes:

(3) PRECISION HANDCRAFTED HYDROMETERS… Overlapping Specific Gravity Ranges (.980-1.020, 1.000-1.070, 1.060-1.130). These hydrometers have been perfectly calibrated @ 60°F and in accordance with N.I.S.T. Standards. Each Kit includes a Certificate of Conformance which will appease most Quality Assurance Programs. (We offer Certified Hydrometers for an additional charge.)
10″ LABORATORY THERMOMETER with a range of 0-160°F. This Thermometer, in conjunction with the included Temperature Correction Chart, will offer you TEMPERATURE CORRECTED HYDROMETER READINGS. Using this method, with these tools, will render you EXACT readings…no matter what temperature your liquid may be! These readings are critical when trying to repeat, replicate, or invent any recipe.
ULTRA HEAVY DUTY 12″ PYREX THIEF/FLUID EXTRACTOR… You can use this tool to extract liquid from even the smallest vessels. Seriously Thick Glass hand-formed for the perfect draw.
PYREX TEST JAR… This can be removed from the wooden rack for easy cleaning and sanitizing. Features a hand formed pour spout. Use the included Natural Bristle Cleaning Brush to keep your Test Jar clean and clear for easy Hydrometer Readings.
WOODEN SAFETY RACK/TESTING STATION… At Brady Instruments, we have spent MANY decades researching the best way to store and use your instruments… and we’ve succeeded! This wooden creation has the ability to house all of these precision instruments in the proper vertical manner… while you are using them OR while you are storing them. Often times Hydrometers roll off of the table, or get laid down inappropriately… resulting in breakage. Can be hung on a wall, placed on your shelf, rinsed and dried.
***BONUS*** American Made Pencil and Sticker Pack

This system can be mounted to the wall, or placed on your laboratory table. Once your done testing for the day, this handcrafted system makes a great display to discuss the science of hydrometry with your peers.

Precision hydrometers are the standard for any craft brewer, vintner, or aspiring professional. These are truly “Laboratory Grade” tools, at an affordable price. Made proudly by 5th generation glassblowers in the beautiful hills of Pennsylvania by AMERICAN CRAFTSMAN. These instruments are non-toxic and extremely accurate.

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Check out the pdf below for information on the use and care of your hydrometer(s):

Specific Gravity Model 150 Beer WEB