Our Story

A long, long time ago, my Great Grandfather, Francis L. Freas, started a company known as Francis L. Freas Glassworks. We here at Brady Instruments are extremely proud of his accomplishments and often speak very highly of him. His company, incorporated in 1905, existed for 100 years until family greed and deception destroyed what he had built. Michael Marzella Jr., my father, who was the President and Senior Engineer at Francis L. Freas Glassworks, was left unemployed and broken during their fall.  

Thankfully my father, with his vast knowledge of hydrometers and thermometers and my youthful exuberance, began melting glass and building instruments from scratch… just as my Great Grandfather. Our bold journey all started in 1996, in a dark basement with some antiquated equipment. Our knowledge far surpassed our manufacturing capabilities. My father, who was accustomed to having 40 employees to carry out his ideas, now relied on just the two of us. No more, no less. Obviously there was an adjustment period, serious adjustment. We didn’t care one bit and worked feverishly and intensely for years. Innovation was a daily occurrence and our customers soon began to see the fruits of our labor and relationships were built. Thank the Lord.

In early 2019, after 22 years of competing with my Great Grandfather’s vision, Brady Instruments had the opportunity to reunite with Francis L. Freas Glassworks! We felt our combined strengths would allow us to satisfy our markets more effectively.

With our small team of technicians and craftsman, Brady Instruments continues to supply the world with high quality, hand blown, handcrafted, scientific instruments that our forefathers would be proud to have inspired.